World tour, Day 2

Part one:

Sitting in local coffee haunt “Tell Henry” awaiting a recommended brew… Important start to the day. Listening to the locals dropping by, getting greeted by first name, grabbing their sweet treats and caffeine hit… Ubiquitous Saturday morning Lycra too.

Time to reflect on the last day or so…  The highlight last night was definitely the Ukrainian quartet, DakhaBrakha. Totally mesmerising vocal harmonies and percussion, and those hats, big black fluffy towers adding to the mystique. 

I met up with dear old time friends  (happy to connect with them at this great festival) just before the Violent Femmes hit the stage. I had seen them a few years ago at Woodford Folk Festival, which was an amazing gig at the amphitheatre. I stayed for a couple of their classics and then headed to another stage for some sweet bluesy/folk/pop from a group named All My Exes Live in Texas (great name!). I grabbed a cold chai and parked my self right at the front of the stage and enjoyed the banter, the stories and songs while the bats worked up their own evening choir in the trees nearby. 


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