… World travel of sorts… A musical journey

I am at an airport, again… Despite the tensions that travel can induce, for me the atmosphere is exciting and uplifting (and that’s before I get on a plane). I love seeing reunions and the expectation on travellers faces and feeling the anticipation of the adventure beginning to unfold. 

I am off to Adelaide for a world music festival that I attended 23 years ago. How time flies… Womadelaide is held in the lively Botanic Park and has become an institution initiated by Peter Gabriel some 25 years ago as an avenue for creating greater connection through the shared experience of music and the cultures around the world from whence it comes. This weekend I hope to hear Persian sisters singing, world class flamenco,  David Suzuki speaking, choirs, blues from Asia, Africa, America and who knows what other delights I will stumble upon. It is my nature at festivals to wander beyond my vague preset program and explore other possibilities.

This festival is a true feast for the senses… It includes delicious food from round the globe too. I remember a super paella that left such an impression that even during my 6 weeks on the Camino in Spain I did not find its equal. 

I am also looking forward to joining in on some workshops, particularly singing. Last night, my dharma teacher reminded me of the benefits of singing. Did you know that there is a 50% increase in the release of oxytocin when one sings with others than if dining alone. This intrigues me, though does not surprise me. It also inspires me to search out a choir to join sometime soon. 

Well, we are about to board… Onwards and upwards 


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