Continental drifting…

As I was just leaving last night I passed the gorgeous Moreton Bay fig that I had done yoga under on the morning and was drawn to the stage where I stumbled across a Korean group doing their sound check and there were some Bollywood tunes drifting over from another stage creating an interesting juxtaposition. This all just adds to the multicultural feast for the ears, heart and soul (and in fact a feast for my stomach too) that  I have had at this festival so far.

There’s been journeys through Colombia with jazz harp, Iran with Persian songstress sisters, Greece, Cuba, Ukraine, Vietnam with a Banh mi and a wakeup call and inspirational talk from David Suzuki to care for the interconnectedness of life on this planet. 

Today I’m up early for day 3. I’ve had a good brunch and 3 coffees! Oh god… 2 were watery and too cold or too hot… So like goldilocks of the coffee world I was determined to find my “just right” flat white. I walked into Tell Henry and the barista remembered my name and my coffee!! Top marks for service and awesome coffee. It’s the small things…

I’ll potter over to the botanic park for some yoga and see what today brings… 

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