A new beginning, a blooming of sorts
To pen the journey, to share.
An exercise in expression, a release,
Creating beyond the swirling mind’s thoughts.

Vulnerable to critique and evaluation
But safe, buoyed by acceptance of risk
and passionate will.

Summer has gone, so it says by the calendar, but the warm morning air belies any seasonal change. There is a sweet bay breeze flowing on and off through the window bringing sweet relief. I have confined myself to bed to ensure a speedy recovery from some temporary viral illness. So often these days we are forced through societal expectations, and sometimes needs, to “soldier on”. But actually what is required is “the retreat”. Taking that military strategy theme further; we need to regroup, to replenish our resources and rest, to consider our progress thus far and reassess and rewrite future plans. And it is with this retreat that we are offered some valuable opportunities to be in the present, sitting with the discomfort of the physical body and the discomfort of the mind, which for me includes some sense of disappointment and failure in not fulfilling my plans and my duties. Could it be that we continue on when unwell to avoid these disconcerting feelings? I am sure that it is a definite possibility that to keep busy and deny rest is avoidant behaviour that has deleterious effects over time, not only the physical body but also on our psychological health and personal growth.

So today, I choose for my retreat, rest and recuperative foods, some baking for therapy, and connection with family…

Banana bread, anyone?


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