Here we go…

Sitting in a bar on the other side of border control, sipping a fine pilsner, feeling excited about being on another adventure beyond the antipodes. Also feeling a wee bit chastened as I was going to try no alcohol on this looooong haul flight… oh well, “bottoms up”.

I’m off to Amsterdam where I will be met by my beloved daughter and taken to Nijmegen, the university town where she resides while taking her masters in philosophy (as you do). I am keen to see her embedded in another culture (although not dissimilar to ours) and to revel in her thriving beyond our sandy shores. 

This four week holiday is more about people than places. On the menu: much time with said daughter and a brief catch-up with her beau who lives much too faraway in Bordeaux; a precisely, prearranged engagement with a dear old friend who just happens to be the father of my oldest son; seeing youngest son perform circus in London and no doubt much frivolities beyond; catching up with baby sister and her sweet girl (my nearly-sweet-16 niece) and her man (my bro-in-law); quality time with a younger cousin and her baby boy (my first cousin-once-removed) who appears to be one delightful soul to join the family; and some time with family friends in London. I’m also toying with the idea of catching up with a friend in Wales whom I met BC (FYI – Before Children) in the Bahamas. Oh and other peeps from prior travels and perhaps some new friends to be made. 

Blessed, we are, I am, to live a life with so much vibrancy and conviviality. Let the adventure begin! Hazah!


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